2 Handsome Dr.’s Serenade Patients. Sultry Voice Has Internet Falling In Love

While most people think of a career as a surgeon as a glamorous, high-paying job, the troubles that come with doing so often weigh heavily on the doctor’s mind. One wrong move and things could go terribly for their patient!

This is the stress that Dr. Elvis Francois and Dr. William Robinson have to face every single day. Both of the men are Orthopedic Surgery residents at the top-of-the-line facility, the Mayo Clinic.

Even though they’re obviously talented surgeons with a bright future ahead of them, they’re still in the process of completing their residencies. This means they’re constantly busy, learning new things every day, trying to help patients with complex conditions, all while struggling to get a solid night’s sleep.

That’s why the doctors took a second to let loose and share something positive with the patients at the Mayo Clinic.

Together, Dr. Francois and Dr. Robinson sat down at the piano in the clinic’s lobby and performed an emotional rendition of “Alright” by Mike Yung.

In front of a lobby filled with patients, Dr. Francois sang his heart out while Dr. Robinson played the piano like a professional musician. These two men were determined to be a bright light in a place where it’s easy to let worrying get the best of you.

Dr. Francois sang the lyrics:

“When you’re feeling low,

And there’s no one around.

When it looks like it’s over,

And life’s got you down.

Hold on to me brother,

I’ll be there when you need.

Because there’s a brighter tomorrow.

This I truly believe,

Everything – everything,

Everything is gonna be alright.So dry those eyes,

It’ll be… Alright.”

This was the message that the patients needed more than anything – and it was something the doctors could take to heart as well. Thank goodness there are people like them in the world, those who use their talent to spread joy to others!

Listen to these doctors’ incredible performance by pressing “play” below. Sometimes we all need a reminder that things are going to be okay!