Baby Elephant Plops On Top Of Tourist, Crowd Realizes His ‘Intentions’ & Quickly Hit Record

A man watched an adorable baby elephant approach him at the elephant sanctuary, and now his life will never be the same. This man Jono, along with a group of tourists were visiting the elephants in Northern Thailand.

It was there that they were able to witness just how sweet elephants really are.
It took Jono by surprise as he noticed the little elephant’s friendly nature. The elephant came marching his way without any fear whatsoever. Jono had no idea just how close he’d get to the baby elephant.

They had only just met, but the elephant welcomed him into the sanctuary with the warmest embrace an elephant could give. Jono was so happy that laughter spilled over as he hugged the elephant back. This was only the beginning of their happiest friendship.
Before Jono knew it, the little elephant was right back in his arms, coming back for more hugs and cuddles. By this time, the group of tourists couldn’t stop giggling at the elephant’s cute antics.

The longer Jono sat there, the elephant saw fit to take full advantage of his attention for as long as he could. Though the people loved watching this precious moment take place, the baby elephant seemed to enjoy it most.
This elephant sanctuary is a safe place for elephants and their young to be cared for, and even when tourists visit, they continue to receive care and attention in more ways.

Jono provided love and friendship for the baby elephant that day. Though he is clearly so happy to have found such a brave, cuddly little elephant, the baby elephant reciprocated the happiness in such a sweet way.
You will be just as surprised as Jono was when you see just how outgoing and sweet this little baby elephant was, all in the video below.