Tiny Wiener Dog And Massive Lion Come Face To Face, The Lion’s Next Move Is Going Viral

Dachshund dogs are instantly recognizable because of their unique shape. Their short stature and extra-long body closely resembles a wiener hot dog, which means they win the award for the most adorable, and tastiest-looking, dog breed ever!

These cute doggies may seem like they’re too small to pose as an actual menace to others, but don’t tell that to Abby, the dachshund pooch who thinks she’s tougher than a lion. Abby lives at a wildlife park in Oklahoma, so she knows exactly how powerful the lions living there can be.

Strangely enough, the huge carnivores don’t faze her one bit. Although Abby is constantly surrounded by lions, tigers and bears, she’s not worried about becoming their afternoon snack.

In fact, she is absolutely brazen around the creatures that are considerably larger than she is. Although she might be seen by them as a tantalizing tidbit, she’s such a sweetheart, too.

She absolutely loves zipping around inside their enclosures and oddly enough, the big animals are quite entertained by little bitty Abby. Her antics make humans chuckle, too.

Not even Bonedigger, the large Barbary lion, can deter Abby from having fun. Bonedigger is a massive lion that also lives at the wildlife park.

Just his name alone is enough to make you think twice about going anywhere near him. But, Abby doesn’t have any clue what the name means and she’s definitely not afraid of going into his enclosure.

For some reason, Bonedigger puts up with Abby, and you could even say he’s taken a liking to her. They say opposites attract and it appears these two have hit it off.

Maybe it’s because she reminds him of a mouth-watering sausage on a bun? It turns out that the large predator and toy-sized pooch actually have something in common – they both think they’re the boss of each other!

The way they interact when allowed to be together is astounding!¬†When the sanctuary owners let Abby into Bonedigger’s enclosure, the encounter was like nothing you’ve ever seen.

I was not expecting this! You will not believe what you’re about to see.

Watch the video to see the amazing interaction between the big lion and little dog. These two together are hilarious!