Gruesome footage shows an ‘excited’ niece rescuing her uncle from agony by popping a HUGE pus-filled cyst on her uncle’s face


  • James Woods, of Texas, had no medical insurance and was refused treatment
  • His niece Jennifer volunteered to don the gloves and tackle the angry lumpĀ 
  • In the revolting clip, a stream of cream cheese-like pus erupts from the cyst

Gruesome footage shows the disgusting moment a niece rescued her uncle from agony – by popping a pus-filled cyst on his face.

James Woods, of Texas, was refused treatment to drain the lump at his local medical facility because he had no insurance.

His niece Jennifer volunteered to don the gloves and tackle the angry lump herself. She said she was ‘excited’ to squeeze the cyst.

In the revolting clip, an endless stream of cream cheese-like pus can be seen leaving the lump, which had been growing for four months.

Ms Woods, a welder, gripped the cyst from both sides and applied pressure to try and coax the fluid out of the bump.

The amount of pus prompted a ‘wow’ from Ms Woods, who apologised countless times for the pain she had left her uncle in.

At one point during the stomach-churning video, carpenter Mr Woods needed a break because of the sheer discomfort he was in.

Ms Woods, who recorded the clip in February, said: ‘He has never had one before, It was really painful for him.

‘We did it at home because he was denied having it done at a medical facility because he doesn’t have insurance.

‘I actually felt excited doing it, I love this sort of stuff! I also very happy to be helping my uncle.

‘He felt a bit of pain during the squeeze which is why we had a couple breaks. So far nothing has returned.’

Dermatologists advise patients with cysts not to squeeze or pop the cyst and to instead seek medical treatment from experts.

The fluid-filled bumps, which can appear anywhere on the skin, often disappear on their own, but some need to be drained.