Classmates Reject Teen On Valentine’s Day. Older Boy Interrupts Lunch To Teach Bullies A Lesson

A middle-schooler named Aislinn Bowermaster was so excited for her classroom’s Valentine’s Day celebration. The sweet 12-year-old stayed up late the night before to bake delicious heart-shaped cookies for all of her classmates. But Aislinn, nor her mom Kristin, never anticipated the devastation about to occur on the day meant for love and friendship.

Aislinn arrived at school the next morning and was heartbroken to realize no one in her class had given her any Valentine’s Day cards or gifts. Meanwhile, she watched everyone else exchanging chocolates, candies and heartfelt notes. The day turned into more of a disaster when Aislinn was bullied over her weight. She left school in tears and ran home to Kristin for some much-needed support. But despite Kristin’s efforts, Aislinn locked herself in her room and refused to come out. She was absolutely crushed. Kristin called her best friend Abby for some motherly advice. “How can I cheer her up?!” she cried to Abby. Abby hung up the phone, told her teenage stepson about what happened to Aislinn… and the rest was history.

In the touching clip below, Abby’s stepson Isaiah pays a visit to his friend Aislinn’s middle school and interrupts her class during lunch. There, in front of the entire cafeteria, he waits for Aislinn to emerge from the crowd so he can show her how special she truly is.