16 Skaters Stand Frozen In Cube Formation. Within Seconds The Crowd Is Screaming

The performance you’re about to watch was recorded at the 2015 World Synchronized Skating Championships. It’s unbelievable to watch these athletes remain perfectly in sync with one another as they tear down the ice. And while all of the teams did incredibly, there was one that clearly stood out among the rest. According to Wikipedia, “synchronized skating is a discipline of figure skating where 8-20 skaters skate together as one team. The team moves as a flowing unit at high speed while completing difficult footwork.”

Team Canada earned their place at the top with their flawless routine set to an unexpected rock ‘n’ roll song. Within seconds, it was clear the all-female synchronized skating team was there to win… and trust me, they did not disappoint. The crowd went so wild it was hard for the announcers to do their jobs! “I love this video because they chose a non-traditional song to be in unison with and to entirely choreography to this song,” one commenter says. “It was good right from the beginning when she wiped off her shoulder.”

It’s no wonder this routine has nine million views on YouTube and counting. Watch for yourself below and prepare to be amazed.