Little Boy’s Favorite Singer Comes On The Radio. Hearts Melt When Dad Turns His Head Around

We’ve seen fathers boogie and sing along with their sons in the past, but this video might take the cake for the cutest clip ever! It’s not just the way the pair sing together, but it’s also adorable to hear what song they pick to perform! There’s something about the bond this father and son share and the way they smile at one another in between lyrics that melts our heart. Instead of belting a pop tune that plays on the radio a million times a day, the adorable toothless boy in the front seat selected a song that nearly all music fans love…

While it’s hard not to generalize music today, most people can agree that newly released songs feel as though there’s not enough soul and effort put into making them. Instead, pop artists create cheap tracks with auto-tuned voices and overly sampled piece. Even though adults can reminisce about the days when music was created from the heart, children don’t really know the difference. That’s why this father taught his son to appreciate good music — from oldies to classic hip-hop, rock n’ roll and everything in between — he will know the difference between a famous song and a good one!

Thankfully, all of Dad’s music lessons have paid off, and his son loves artists that most people his age would skip over. That appreciation for the good stuff is why he selected such a fantastic track for them to sing along with! Rather than blast a pop artist, he chose someone who undoubtedly smiled down from Heaven as he watched them belt his song together. I won’t reveal what song he picked out — but once you hear them sing, you’ll be amazed by how much talent is inside that car! We hope to hear more from them in the future!