Couple’s Wedding Cake Looks Normal. Then Music Starts And Icing Begins To Change

These days, brides have many options if they want to turn traditional aspects of their wedding day into something more creative and over-the-top. Wedding cakes are no exception. Thanks to new advances in technology, wedding cakes can be transformed into visual masterpieces. And who else but Disney is at the forefront of such dazzling confections.

The cake you’re about to see was created for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Expo. Using animation and image mapping projection, images can be projected onto stark white wedding cakes – and the results are absolutely eye-popping! From visions of Tinker Bell to princesses arriving to the ball in their carriages, any moving visual can come to life.

Of course, these cakes don’t come cheap. We’re talking thousands of dollars. But brides and grooms all over the world are still choosing these interactive wedding cakes for their own special day. These cakes can even display photos of the newlyweds and paint a picture of their love stories.