Judges Sell Young Girl Short, She Flips A Blackboard Over And They’re Left With Their Jaws Hanging Open

Just about everyone is mesmerized by magic. It’s a subject that captivates most people’s interest, even if you’re skeptical about the viability of having a rabbit jump out of a magician’s top hat. But, one little girl is taking the whole world by storm, as her magic tricks are complex mysteries, tantalizing crowds across the UK. Issy Simpson is a very special 8-year-old. She has even been compared to a real-life Harry Potter, as her magic tricks are as captivating as they are impressive.

Issy’s talents are so good, they’re giving magicians like Chris Angel and David Blaine a run for their money. In the video, Issy performs on the Britain’s Got Talent stage in front of a studio audience, as well as four judges, including Simon Cowell. Issy introduces herself, then begins her performance. She brings down a collection of books to the judges, and asks them to verify that the pages of each book are different. Once the judges confirm the books’ pages are in fact different, Issy asks Simon to put her cardboard box on the ground. That’s where the real show starts, as Simon struggles to pick up the box.

Then, Issy asks the judges to provide her with a word from one of the three books she has given them. Issy tells the judges that she has written that exact word on a blackboard, which is behind her on the stage. The judges’ eyes grew wide as she turned the blackboard around. They couldn’t believe what the board said, and they all looked at each other in disbelief. How could this little girl perform such a trick? Watch the video and see how this little girl leaves the judges in complete awe!