Toddler’s Trying To Figure Out The Sled. “Helper” Steps In And Has The Internet In Laughter

This little girl’s mom takes her out in the snow to sled in an inner-tube. However, instead of mom teaching her how to do it – she gets a lesson from a beloved family member.

It’s the wintertime and there’s tons of snow on the ground. These of course are the perfect conditions to go and do some sledding! One mom takes her pint-sized daughter outside to give the activity a try. In the video, we see the adorable tot standing in the snow near an inner-tube. She’s all dressed in her pink snow gear – looking ready for a day of fun! She gives the tube a little push, but seems hesitant to get in. Perhaps she’s unsure of what to do…

Well, have no worries little one, because your pooch is here to show you how to do it! All of a sudden, you see a golden retriever lying on its belly sliding across the snow. It appears that it is trying to demonstrate to the little girl how exactly sledding works (or, maybe it’s just having fun!). Everyone laughs at the hilarious scene, which is definitely something you don’t see everyday!