He Puts On Gloves And Grabs A Light Bulb To Make Something Awesome – I Want This

If you want to display your floral arrangements in a new and fun way that will get everyone talking at your next dinner party, give this cool craft a try! It’s time to transform a cheap, ordinary light bulb and a plain wire hanger into a gorgeous vase – let’s go!

For this unique vase you’ll need a light bulb, metal wire hanger, thin screwdriver or paperclip, set of pliers and gloves. If you want to make it glow in the dark you’ll also need a LED light keychain, mini-screwdriver to take it all apart, three small watch batteries, electrical tape to hold them together and wall tack to attach the contraption to the top of the light bulb.

This type of style of vase is perfect for any home – from minimalists to lovers of knick knacks, it’ll look fabulous just about anywhere! So take a few minutes out of your day to learn how to make a light bulb vase for your own home and join the two million other people who have given this easy project a shot!